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Flush Door

These are made from High Density Farm Timbers,which are chemically treated and well seasoned.Battens are edge glued to make these doors durable and dimensionally treated and well seasone. Battens are edge glued to make these doors durable and dimensionally stable.Special Formulations of chemicals are used to poison the glue line against borers and fungus.External preservative treatment is given to make these doors perfectly resistant to all the micro Organisms. Caliber flush Doors are available in all size and thickness.Flush doors are laminated with decorative venners are per customers' requirements.


Door in homes and office


Test ISI Requirement Observed Value
1 Dimension Length,Width-+5mm Thickness -+1mm Within limites
2 Squareness Deviation not more than 1mm on a length of 500mm Deviation below 1mm
3 General Flatness Twist,cupping,warping not to exceed 6mm
4 Local Planeness Depth of deviation at any point to be less than 0.5mm Within limits
5 Impact Indentation Test Depth of Indentation not to exceed 0.2mm Within limits
6 Edge Loading Test Deflection of edge with max.To be less than 5mm Within limits
7 Shock Resistance Test No visible defect after Test No visible defects
8 Blocking Test Initial deflection - < 50mm residual deflection - < 5mm Within limits
9 Slamming Test No visible damage after Test No visible damage
10 Misuse Test No deformation after Test No deformation
11 Varying Humidity Test No visible warping,Twisting or de-lamination No such defects observed
12 End Immersion Test No de-lemination at the end No de-lemination
13 Knife Test Minimum Pass Standard Excellent
14 Glue Adhesion Test No de-lamination No de-lamination
15 Screw Withdraw Test Load to withdraw screw to be more than 1000 N Load ->1000 N

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